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L'Étang-du-Nord, Québec, G4T 3M1
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LA renaissance

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Our vision

Building a company is based first and foremost on human interaction. To ensure our growth, we work in a respectful and collaborative manner with our fishermen, our employees, as well as our customers and partners. At LA renaissance, that’s the way we do things. It’s in our nature.

Our mission

We process products that are harvested through sustainable means. We distribute our quality products locally and around the world. And we are constantly innovating to offer unparalleled service.

Our values

Respect: Respect is a value that governs our actions towards people (colleagues, fishermen, customers and suppliers), raw material and work environment. It is also an integral part of the company’s duties, responsibilities, procedures and policies.

Honesty: Honesty towards ourselves, our team members, our customers, our partners and our community, in all circumstances. It holds us accountable for our actions, as well as for the products and equipment we use. It is the cornerstone of loyalty and integrity. 

Quality: Ensuring a client experience of the highest quality through our team members, products, services, organization, infrastructure and image. 

Team spirit: Demonstrating that we are stronger together and working towards a common goal. Cooperation and support are the backbone of a healthy work environment and a family feeling in the workplace.

Innovation: Innovation is part and parcel of our daily lives, enabling us to be leaders in our field and provide best-in-class services.

Quality through control. Production through consistency.

At LA renaissance, we are constantly innovating in order to anticipate our customers’ needs. Working closely with industry experts, we develop high quality products by adjusting to market reality. Discipline and methodology. We thank our production and quality control teams for the care they put into their work. Because it is the consumer who ultimately determines the quality of our products.

Shipping. From the sea to your table, in no time.

While LA renaissance is located on Îles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands), surrounded by the waters of the St. Lawrence River, we are still only a stone’s throw away from our customers. Our business partner, the CTMA, ensures our products are shipped in the most efficient way. Thanks to geolocalization, we can now determine the location of our products in real time and estimate the time needed to reach your plate.

Dynamic management team.

Looking ahead to the future. If you would like to join our team, please contact Linda, our Human Resources Manager. She has a place for you.

418-986-2710, ext. 241