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Surf clams


  • Surf clams
  • Surf clams
  • Surf clams

Clams are mollusks that live in waters with a sandy bottom, where they can easily burrow. That’s great for us, since we are surrounded by sand here. Clam harvesting is a very popular recreational activity among Madelinots. But for clam fishermen, it provides additional revenue to their fishing business. This type of fishing can only take place in Zone 5. Okay, enough with the scientific explanations. The best way to appreciate our deep love for clams is to taste them.

Clam season

March to July and September to December for the Surf clam. March to December for the Stimpson.

Species Spisula solidissima
Origin Wild Caught. Product of Canada
Allergens Mollusks
Conservation Refrigerate after opening
Format Net Weight of 154 g / 5.4 oz
Ingredients Surf clams, water, salt, sodium of tripolyphosphate, calcium disodium edta